Benefits of Incorporating an Alberta Company

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Mistakes when incorporating a company tends to be an all too frequent occurrence, especially when as an incorporation lawyer you have been involved in both the incorporating a multitude of companies and having been involved in the legal efforts to attempt to resolve corporate problems emanating from an improperly incorporated company. Some of the main incorporation related mistakes include the following:

- failing to retain appropriate legal counsel

- believing that the basic incorporation documents are sufficient to resolve issues pertaining to the company, its operations and its future

- believing the law establishes rules that allow for the efficient resolution of corporate problems

- not understanding the impact of having more than one shareholder, and in such circumstances, failing to implement an appropriate unanimous shareholders' agreement

- offering shares to too many people and thereafter failing to make them accountable for their continued contribution to the development of the company

- not operating outside the bounds of your corporate authority or alternative personally securing / indemnifying the company

- not consulting an accountant with respect to tax implications and responsibilities

As always, it is important to not only understand about corporations and incorporation, but also their limitations and boundaries, such that retaining appropriate legal counsel can be extremely advantageous and enable you to avoid significant mistakes.

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* Please note that the flat rates associated with a standard incorporation are strictly limited to a basic incorporation (provincial or federal) and does not involve other matters that might be corrollary to the incorporation process or might be atypical for a standard incorporation, including but not limited to related legal or tax advice, engagement with other governmental bodies or professional bodies, licensing, drafting of pertinent business contracts (i.e., shareholders' agreements), negotiations, disputes, financing, coordination with other companies or other legal structuring.


What is Incorporation [fundamentals of creating a company]

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